BAD BLOOD presents: Christopher DeWeese, Heather Christle, and Francesca Chabrier.

Please join us at ADX for our 13th Bad Blood reading. Mingling will begin at 7pm, and the tingling will begin at 8. As always, we’ll have the reader’s books available for purchase, cold beers, and free broadsides. Please bring a few bucks for the books and for the happy jar.

CHRISTOPHER DEWEESE is the author of The Black Forest (Octopus Books, 2012). His poems have appeared in Boston Review, jubilat, and Tin House. He teac

hes at Smith College and lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

HEATHER CHRISTLE is the author of What Is Amazing, The Trees The Trees, and The Difficult Farm. She teaches poetry at Sarah Lawrence, lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, runs the Royal Society of Hadley for Improving Natural Knowledge at Flying Object, and is the web editor for jubilat.

FRANCESCA CHABRIER lives and writes in Oregon. Her chapbook, The Axioms, is forthcoming from Pilot Books, and her first full-length collection, Throw Yourself Into The Prairie, will be published by Sarabande Books.

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